A virtual Field Service Engineer with you 24/7/365.

Our vFSE program allows for improved productivity, efficiency, up-time, asset life, and patient satisfaction while reducing cost with automated machine data analytics and remote diagnostics and repair technology.

Optimize your Diagnostic Imaging Systems
An OEM and modality agnostic, secure hardware and private cloud-based platform designed to drive peak performance with capabilities beyond real time predictive analytics and remote repair technology, vFSE serves as a virtual Field Service Engineer at your console.

Why vFSE?
Your staff and equipment need to function efficiently in order to provide exceptional patient care and our virtual field service engineer will help you to reach that goal.

With vFSE integrated into your current system, you can focus on patient care and business growth, while your systems operate at peak performance.

Our solution offers increased visibility and on-demand access which results in increased asset life and a quicker repair turnaround time.

vFSE Performance Dashboard
The MIS Performance Dashboard features an Optimization Module that provides our teams with access to multi-modality data and enables us to log data of diagnostic equipment. The utilization of workflow data allows our teams to view tech activity, generate Machine Utilization Reports, and offer DICOM Tagging based on the operator.

3-Step Process to Optimizing Your Diagnostic Imaging Capability:

1. Contact us to get started.

2. We handle the integration into your current system.

3. Watch as your productivity and efficiency increase.

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