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About Us A true partnership!

Over the last several years, we’ve developed and maintained many rock-solid partnerships through our unparalleled ability to provide operational excellence in absolutely every single solution we deliver.

About 626!

PROVEN RESULTS The names you know and respect!

From large healthcare systems, to small labs and clinics, our clients are always seeking to enhance their health care technology performance and ROI in the face of dwindling resources and increasing challenges.

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    Equipment Maintenance

    Through increased efficiency, we can lower maintenance costs, reduce unplanned downtime, improve decision making, support regulatory compliance, and maximize returns on all your assets.

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    Vendor Maintenance

    We provide intelligent, dynamic, and ultra-efficient guidelines to our suppliers throughout the entire process of any and all of your medical imaging service needs.

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    Cost Effective Services

    Through advanced analytics, we provide the ability to improve cost effectiveness without compromising the quality of care and service.

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    Medical Engineering

    Our comprehensive portfolio of engineering and R&D services enables our customers to safely manage their supply and distribution channels, as well as imaging conglomerates.

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OUR GUARANTEE We provide operational excellence!

Every tailored set of services and solutions we create consists of the absolute best people, processes, and performance in the industry. We truly are second to none.

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LIFE MOVES FAST We move faster!

We help assist our customers by creating the most efficient ways to manage, monitor and control their maintenance operations, resources and equipment saving them both time — and money.

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